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Congratulations »

Submitted July 20th, 2017

Congratulations also, to Reed Rayfield, Ira Lassen (Che), and Jonas Gunter for receiving Art in the Parks first one time Merit award in the amount of $2000 each.

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Congratulations!!! Grace Camp »

Submitted June 3rd, 2017

Grace Camp as been awarded the 2017 Scholarship from Village Art in the Park.  This is an $8000 scholarship.  Her higher education will be in music and performance arts.

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Village Art in the Park is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships using a venue that also supports working amateur and professional artists. Scholarship applications and information are available here. The 2017 Season will begin Friday May 5,6 and 7, and continue through October 22.  Thursdays will be added during the month of July and August.  Show hours will be 9 am – 6 pm.

Art in the Park sales commissions are used as:

  • $8000 scholarships for students pursuing a higher education in the arts.
  • Financial support for art programs in local schools.
  • Community projects that are of an artistic nature.