Congratulations!!! Grace Camp

Posted June 3rd, 2017 by Village Art in the Park

Grace Camp as been awarded the 2017 Scholarship from Village Art in the Park.  This is an $8000 scholarship.  Her higher education will be in music and performance arts.

Annually Village Art in the Park awards anywhere from 1-3 of these scholarships to graduating seniors persuing a higher education which would include studies in the fine arts.
Additionally Village Art in the Park awards an Enriched Education Grant to one of the local schools in the amount of $2000 annually to help keep their art program alive.  Also, the Osborn Elementary School receives a donation annually to keep their art appreciation program going.  It is called the LEAAP Program.  It was designed to enable volunteers to present art classes and supplies to students.
Village Art in the Park is supported solely by the many artists that participate each year.