About Us

Village Art in the park has a long and rich history in Leavenworth.  It started in 1966 as a promotional idea to draw peoples’ attention from the highway to the downtown area.  Artists would show their work on simple wooden easels that were provided by Art in the Park.  Everything had to be removed each day and set up again the next. Since the beginning, Art in the Park has been an intricate part of the Leavenworth experience.  It has always added to the ambiance of the downtown core. 

Village Art in the Park is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing art education in the form of scholarships and financial support in the schools.  Over the past 46 years, Art in the Park has awarded many thousands of dollars in scholarships, and at one time provided an art teacher for the elementary school for almost 20 years. They do this through a venue that also supports both amateur and professional artists. 

Currently, a new scholarship is awarded every year in the amount of $8000.00.  It is one of the largest in the community.  Village Art in the park has also created an Art Enrichment Fund in the amount of $2000.00 which is given to one of the local schools each year.

The future is bright for this organization and the artists who participate each year.  And for the students, educators, and community that benefit from Village Art in the Park’s efforts.