Terms and Conditions

Please read the “Prospectus” and “Terms and Conditions” carefully before signing the Exhibitor Contract

Village Art in the Park Policy

Terms and Conditions 2017

An artist shall be defined as the sole creator of the original work. The artist is expected to be in attendance in the booth during hours of operation. In the event of a short-term emergency, the artist may be represented by a knowledgeable adult. With special approval, two artists may show in the same booth. Both artists must be present and all rules apply to both as individual artists.

  • New– Set up time is 7:30am. Use of Front Street before that time is not permitted. Take care in setting up not to block both lanes of traffic with vehicles or equipment. All vehicles related to Village Art in the Park (VAIP) must be moved by 10:30am and are required to be parked out of the downtown area. Regular business hours for the show are 9am to 6pm.
  • A 20% commission is collected on all sales. There is a $25 dollar exhibitor fee charged per weekend. All fees are deducted from weekly checks.
  • Any sale or order made or taken in the park must go through the cashier. Washington State sales tax is charged on all sales. Any sale made without going through the cashier can result in the artist being permanently barred from the show. Any sales generated by contacts made as a result of exhibiting or promotion during the show season-May through October- will be subject to the standard commission rate to VAIP. Down payments on layaway or commissioned items must cover the 20% commission to VAIP, and sales tax. The artist will be responsible for collecting the balance.
  • All artists are required to have canopies made from certified flame resistant materials and all artists’ booths with flame producing equipment will also need fire extinguishers.
  • Clearly visible signage is required that includes artist name, an easily identifiable (product) media definition, and must be at least 144 sq. in. in size. All signage must be confined to the inside of the booth and must have a professional appearance. Prints and note cards of original work may be sold. Spinner racks are permitted but must be confined to the interior of the booth.
  • The regular lottery system will be used for the entire season. Placement for festival weekends will be done by regular lottery.
  • You will need a white canopy. Your entire display must be contained within your 10×10 or 10×20 space. You may use the outside walls to display your work, but spaces between booths and walkways must be obstacle free. Please maintain a neat appearance. All tables must be covered if used to store extra work, empty containers, etc.
  • NO “Clearance Sale” or “Markdown” signs are permitted. All signage must be professional looking and within City guidelines. No hawking is permitted.
  • Pets are not allowed as they are against city regulations.
  • Smoking is not allowed in or around artists’ booths. Please be considerate of your neighbor.
  • Absolutely NO alcohol and or illegal drug consumption is permitted during the show.
  • In the event of a policy violation, the Director, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, reserves the right to immediately restrict or remove any exhibit or artist considered unsuitable or objectionable. Plagiarized or misrepresented art constitutes grounds for immediate dismissal from the show. Quality control will be monitored.
  • In the event it becomes necessary to change your schedule in any way, please notify the Director as soon as possible.
  • Artists are responsible for protecting their art from inclement weather. All items sold in the park must be packaged before leaving the park.
  • Set up time is 7a.m. Use of Front Street before that time is not permitted. Take care in setting up not to block both lanes of traffic with vehicles or equipment. All vehicles related to VAIP must be moved by 10 a.m. and are required to be parked out of the downtown area (the Director will have suggestions.) Regular business hours for the show are 9a.m. to 6p.m.
  • To breakdown the show, vehicles are not to be parked on Front Street for this purpose until one hour prior to the close of the show. Breakdown will not commence until 6 pm. Everything must be removed the last day of the show.
  • New– Artists not planning to show all 5 days of a holiday weekend are encouraged not to pick street side positions in the lottery.
  • As always, thank you so much for your participation and cooperation. Art in the Park looks forward to a lively and prosperous season for us all.

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2017 Terms and Conditions